This Theory About Dany’s Betrayal On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Would Break All Our Hearts

by Lilli Petersen

Another Sunday, another nail-biting, cliff-hanging, is-he-dead-or-isn't-he, who's-dying-this-week episode of Game of Thrones. Hooray! But with all the drama surrounding who's going to die each week, it's almost easy to forget that there are worse things than death. Like this Game of Thrones theory which says Missandei betrays Daenerys. Hahaha oh no.

Like all good fan theories, it makes enough sense that you kind of have to look through your fingers when reading it. Though the show glossed over it, in the books Daenerys receives a prophecy in the House of the Undying in Qarth, which tells her she'll be betrayed three times — once for blood, once for gold, and once for love. It's made clear that Mirri Maz Duur, who killed her unborn child to bring Khal Drogo back to a catatonic state, was blood, and Ser Jorah Mormont, who sold her information to King Robert Baratheon, was gold.

So, who will betray her for love?

The theory, posted to Reddit by user Bisuboy, basically ties into the ever-ongoing theory that Grey Worm is doomed. Some say Tyrion will do it to save his brother, which would suck because we're all rooting for Tyrion.

But an even worse theory says that it'll be Missandei — and she'll do it to save Grey Worm.

There are clues.

Bisuboy points out that way back in Season 4, Daenerys warns Missandei to "never betray" her. Missandei, of course, responds, "never," and it's played as a touching, emotional moment of support.

But what if? What if it's really foreshadowing. We know this show will do that. Game of Thrones plays the long game to break all our hearts.

Besides Ser Jorah (who already betrayed her), Missandei is probably the person who Daenerys is closest to. It would absolutely devastate the Mother of Dragons for her best friend to betray her, too. (And just maybe, push her into a certain King in the North's waiting arms, but that's another issue.)

Bisuboy also points out that Euron Greyjoy very conveniently knew exactly where to find Yara and Ellaria back in Season 7 Episode 2, implying that Missandei betrayed them to him — but I'm less convinced by that. Mainly because Euron appeared more or less out of thin air this season, an episode or two a few years ago notwithstanding.

Moreover, even though Grey Worm survived Episodes 3 and 4, he's not out of the woods.

I mean, he's leading an army, it's a war, it's Game of Thrones. There's like a million ways he could still die. And after Missandei being all cute last episode about him and their long-awaited hookup, I'm not exactly reassured. Particularly since the showrunners go out of their way to keep us from having happy endings.

This is why we can't have nice things, you guys.