Crissa Jackson had a major basketball career before 'The Circle' Season 4.

Um, Crissa From The Circle Is Already Super Famous

This season is full of social media pros.


Crissa Jackson is no stranger to competition, so The Circle should be a breeze for her, right? Well... that remains to be seen. The basketball star seemed to form some strong alliances at the start of Season 4, but fans know anything can happen as the season progresses. While Crissa was up front about her basketball skills to her fellow contestants, she didn’t let the others know the full truth about her sizable social media following, which is a definite plus in this game. Here’s all the tea on Crissa Jackson’s real job and Instagram.

Crissa entered The Circle with total confidence in playing herself, revealing that she’s a basketball pro who’s best known for being the 13th woman to ever play for the historic Harlem Globetrotters. Crissa joined the Globetrotters team in 2017, using her nickname Ace. She still shares her impressive ball-handling skills with her million followers on Instagram. Although Crissa said she would be herself in The Circle, it didn’t seem like she ever revealed just how popular her online presence outside of the game is to the others.

To get the full idea of just how impressive Crissa really is, here’s what else fans should know.

The Circle’s Crissa Jackson’s Real Job

Crissa does it all. After rising to national attention as a Harlem Globetrotter, Crissa’s website reveals she is now a model, actor, and comedian along with her basketball career. Mainly, she’s an attention-grabbing content creator who’s had dozen of partnerships with high-profile brands like Under Armour, Reebok, Red Bull, Champion, and Amazon Music.

She’s also a popular YouTuber thanks to her YouTube channel with her wife Alexis, where they post updates about their relationship.

The Circle’s Crissa Jackson’s Age

Crissa was 31 while filming The Circle, but turned 32 on Oct. 26 after filming wrapped.

The Circle’s Crissa Jackson’s Instagram

Crissa’s IG is all about showing off her next-level basketball skills. She constantly posts new challenges and collabs that showcase her ability to dribble at light-speed and effortlessly sink shots from anywhere on the court.