Alison Oliver, Sasha Lane, Joe Alwyn, and Jemima Kirke in 'Conversations With Friends' on Hulu

The Conversations With Friends Trailer Is So Messy — And Steamy

If you liked Normal People, get ready for this one.

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If you're one of the many people who fell head over heels for Connell and Marianne's love story when Normal People dropped on Hulu in 2020, then get excited. No, unfortunately, the Irish romance isn't getting a second season, but the streamer announced the next best thing: an upcoming streaming adaptation of Normal People author Sally Rooney's first novel, Conversations with Friends. To make things even better the cast of Hulu's Conversations with Friends is packed with superstars, including a pop star's boyfriend and a Girls breakout.

The yearning, sprawling love story of seemingly polar opposite schoolmates Connell and Marianne made Normal People a hit both when the novel was first published in 2018 and when it was adapted for Hulu, BBC Three, and RTÉ One as a 2020 limited series. But before she released Normal People, Rooney's debut novel was another twisty romantic drama, 2017's Conversations with Friends. Unlike Normal People, Conversations with Friends centers on two different couples, telling the story of how their intimate lives became unpredictably mixed up in each other’s.

Following the immense success of Normal People, Hulu and the BBC picked up a series adaptation of Conversations with Friends on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021. The upcoming show is sure to be a can't-miss watch for all Normal People fans.

Conversations With Friends Release Date

The series was filmed in Dublin, Belfast, and more international locations in 2021. It’ll hit Hulu on May 15, 2022.

Conversations With Friends Trailer

On April 12, 2022, Hulu released the full-length trailer for Conversations with Friends. The nearly two-minute-long teaser showcases the complicated — but always steamy — relationships between the core four characters. It starts off with Frances (Alison Oliver) hinting at the series’ scandalous drama by asking Bobbi (Sasha Lane), “Wouldn’t it depress you to sleep with someone who loves someone else?”

“Not if they loved me too,” Bobbi responds.

The rest of the trailer features lots of longing and lots (and lots) of scenes of characters gazing at each other in bed. If the trailer is any indication, this series won’t skimp on any of the infamous love scenes from the original book.

Conversations With Friends Photos

On Feb. 4, 2022, Hulu released a series of first-look photos featuring the main cast.

Enda Bowe/Hulu
Enda Bowe/Hulu
Enda Bowe/Hulu
Enda Bowe/Hulu
Enda Bowe/Hulu
Enda Bowe/Hulu

Conversations With Friends Cast

Along with the series' announcement came the reveal of a very exciting cast. The four leads of Conversations with Friends will be played by The Favourite star (and Taylor Swift's BF) Joe Alwyn, Girls breakout Jemima Kirke, Utopia actor Sasha Lane, and newcomer Alison Oliver.

Conversations With Friends Plot

The novel Conversations with Friends centers on two couples: college students Frances (Oliver) and Bobbi (Lane), and the older married couple Nick (Alwyn) and Melissa (Kirke). Told from Frances' point of view, it's a story of both Frances and Bobbi becoming drawn into the world of the journalist Melissa after she takes an interest in them at a poetry reading in Dublin. Things start to get complicated when they meet Melissa's husband, an actor named Nick, and Frances finds herself unexpectedly attracted to him, leading to a secret affair.

Look for Conversations with Friends to steam up your screen when it premieres on Hulu May 15, 2022.

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