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Chrissy Teigen Has Best Response To Fans Who Think She's Having Twins



Our society is obsessed with ice cream places where you can put your OWN toppings in the cup, the concept of crowdfunding and pregnant celebrities.

Something about our favorite singers, athletes, movie stars and Kardashians procreating with each other is fascinating to us.

We can't get enough of the idea a smaller version of someone famous is growing in the womb of that very person.

That's probably why the Internet lost its sh*t when Chrissy Teigen shared a selfie of her with a large baby bump on Instagram.

The baby bump post, which was meant to be just a playful nod to fans who want to know what Chrissy is up to nowadays, immediately had people questioning exactly how many babies Chrissy was stashin' in her lady bassinette.

The thing is, it's nobody's business how many babies she is having! If she wants people to know, she'll let people know.

Chrissy fired back at people speculating on her pregnancy with a small rant, letting everybody know they should probably focus on literally anything else besides her insides.

Yeah, Chrissy! Tell 'em! Everyone go focus on something else now!

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