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Chrissy Got A Butterfly Luna Drew Permanently Tattooed On Her Arm


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Chrissy Teigen has new some new ink. Teigen shares two kids with her husband John Legend, 5-year-old Luna Simone Stephens and 3-year-old Miles Theodore Stephens. The tots are growing up so fast, and the couple’s eldest just graduated pre-school. Her mom commemorated the special day with a new tattoo, which was a big deal for more reasons than one. As it turns out, Chrissy Teigen's new butterfly tattoo was designed by Luna herself.

Teigen took to Instagram on June 14 to share the exciting graduation news with fans. In a lengthy Instagram post, she explained how emotional the ceremony was. “Today our beautiful little pod celebrated their preschool graduation,” she wrote. “I sobbed from beginning to end, breaking for laughter only when john’s much-anticipated-by-him commencement speech welcomed them to the workforce.”

Teigen’s caption coincided with a black and white photo of her new tat and revealed the deeper meaning behind the piece. “Luna drew this butterfly on me today and it seemed fitting to make permanent,” she explained. “I wanted @winterstone to move and center it, due to issues I also discuss in therapy, but in the end we decided to leave it right where she belonged. A little imperfect, a little messy, but hell she’s here to stay.”

You can see Teigen’s new butterfly tattoo below.

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for Teigen, who has been called out for her history of cyber-bullying by a number of fellow celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Stodden. Her post also addressed these claims.

“I thought about what I’ve learned just in the past few months and I feel a wealth of gratitude for life alone and those unimaginable bonds. To the people that never let up with the texts, to my diamond painters, the ones who wanted to give me space, the girls who wiped the snot, and my f*cking rock of a husband, my god I love you. I pray all our little pod tots collect real ones all their lives,” she wrote.

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Teigen has a number of tattoos, but her latest artwork is undoubtedly the most meaningful yet.