Chrissy Teigen Questions John Legend About His Ex-Girlfriends And He Aces It

Don't worry: John Legend knows better than to talk to Chrissy Teigen about his ex-girlfriends.

In case there are any people reading this who aren't as smart as John Legend, here's a piece of life advice for ya: If your significant other asks you to talk about your exes, you do NOT answer!

ESPECIALLY not if your SO wants you to reveal who your favorite ex is. This question is carefully laid and if answered honestly, you will definitely be in trouble.

Stick with smiling and kissing your boo, OK?

Sunday night on Snapchat, Chrissy gave her husband that ol' favorite ex question, and John passed with flying colors.

As you can see in the above video, when Chrissy asks John who his favorite girlfriend besides her is, he just laughs and says,


If the Elite Daily website supported emojis, I would insert the clapping hands right now because that is the EXACT CORRECT ANSWER, JOHN.

He even managed to neatly sidestep the follow-up question from Chrissy too, which was,

Do you remember when you broke up with me for a day?

That's a pretty terrifying question to hear from your wife, but John kept his cool and replied,

Who would do something crazy like that?

Congratulations, John Legend, you are staying married! Good thing, too, because you are too dang perfect of a father to Luna to ever break up with her mom.

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