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Chris Harrison Calls Dean A "F*ck Boy" & Most People Totally Agree


If there's one thing that brought Bachelor Nation together during this objectively terrible season of Bachelor in Paradise, it's the fans' hatred of Dean Unglert. It's basically been a complete 180 in attitude — Dean was a fan-favorite on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, and many viewers even said the only reason they would be tuning into Paradise was to see their golden boy again. But now, nearly everyone agrees: Dean is a f*ck who needs to go. In fact, even Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison agrees — about the f*ckboy part, anyhow. In a recent interview, Chris Harrison calls Dean a "f*ckboy," and it is truly beautiful.

Entertainment Tonight sat down with some of the Bachelor in Paradise last week. In the interview, host Chris Harrison shared his new knowledge of the term, "f*ckboy." And, having learned what the phrase means, Harrison then promptly dubbed both Dean and Diggy Moreland as such. Harrison told ET reporter Lauren Zima,

I think most of Bachelor nation would agree with you on that particular conclusion, Chris. However, Harrison went on to say he doesn't hold that against Dean — and I don't think Bachelor Nation is quite on the same page as the host when it comes to that opinion. Harrison continued,

I mean... I guess? In case you need a refresher, here's the f*ckboy behavior that Dean pulled this that made basically everyone hate him. When he first came on Bachelor in Paradise, he made a really big deal about dating Kristina Schulman. Fans had already been shipping Dean and Kristina, because of their similar traumatic childhoods. (I know, I know, it's messed up, but blame ABC for making us this way.) Anyways, so at first things seemed to be going great with Deantina (Kris-dean-a?). Dean even went home with Kristina when production shut down briefly. So that's pretty intense level commitment behavior!


Kristina was definitely 100 percent committed, but then Dean started going all f*ckboy on her. He went on a date with Danielle Lombard, also known as D-Lo. Things got worse and worse from there. Dean dragged his feet and refused to pick one girl over the other, despite both demanding he do. At one point, Dean was literally making out with D-Lo right in front of poor Kristina. Finally, finally Dean made his "decision": He picked Danielle. Supposedly. Instead of giving out a rose that night, like she was suppose to, Kristina decided to go home, furious and heartbroken at Dean for stringing her along like that. During the dramatic rose ceremony, Kristina said,

From that point forward, fans at home all decided Dean was a no-good, dirty rotten f*ckboy.

Except apparently Chris Harrison thinks Dean's behavior and treatment of Kristina is forgivable because he "wore it." I can sort of see what Harrison is getting at: Dean did moan and groan about how much he hated himself while he did these horrible things to Kristina. But he also... kept doing them. So that's a f*ckboy that can't be forgiven in my book.