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What To Know About The Future Of Chloe X Halle Now That They're Going Solo

Don't jump to conclusions!

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Sisters slay, but those who listen to R&B-pop duo Chloe x Halle already know that. Whether you’ve been rocking with the Bailey songstresses since they were tweens sangin’ Béyonce-approved covers on YouTube seven years ago, fell in love with their angelic voices after hearing their first album, The Kids Are Alright, in 2018, or started stanning them just last year after the release of Ungodly Hour (aka, the only good thing to come out of 2020), you’re probably curious about what’s going on with the Baileys right now. You might even be wondering: Are Chloe x Halle breaking up?

Frequently labeled as Queen Béy’s proteges (they are signed to her management company, Parkwood Entertainment, after all) Chloe, 23, and Halle Bailey, 21, are taking the entertainment industry by storm. Their sophomore LP, Ungodly Hour, was not only loved by pop and R&B fans alike, but it secured the singers critical darling status, earning them three Grammy nominations. Even more impressive is that the bop-filled album was almost entirely created by just the Baileys: Chloe and Halle wrote all of its lyrics while Chloe, in particular, produced every track on the record. (Talk about girl power!)

Despite the performers’ success as a duo, though, the Bailey sisters are anything but attached at the hip. From music to movies, Chloe and Halle always have their own ish going on — so breakup rumors are inevitable. Here’s everything you want to know about the future of your fave band.

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What solo projects have Chloe and Halle been working on?

After having a super successful 2020, it’s official — the Bailey sisters are make straight bops. Before stealing the spotlight as musicians, however, both Chloe and Halle were actors, respectively appearing in movies like The Fighting Temptations (alongside Beyoncé) and Disney Channel’s Let It Shine. The two also appeared on TV in Grown-ish. Most recently, all eyes have been on Halle, who was cast as Princess Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. The movie has been filming since January 2021, and Halle moved to the UK for the job — marking the first time the sisters have been so far away from each other.

“I've always been near my sister," Halle said on IG Live with Chloe in January. "So, this is like really — it's different for me, not having you by my side, you know?”

It’s expected that when Halle is done filming, she’ll return back to the States — but for any siren, it’s not easy seeing the sisters apart. That’s why you’ll be relieved to hear that Chloe has been staying *way* busy in her little sis’ absence. Queen of TikTok covers, Chloe regularly posts soulful renditions of popular songs on her personal TikTok page. In July, she shared a viral video of her take on Drake’s “Marvins Room” (which was lowkey better than the original, sorry Drake).

In June, Chloe also appeared alone on Good Morning America with a gorgeous cover of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. In front of a national audience, the eldest Bailey sister proved that she has ~thee range~, and all this solo promo work has fans counting down the days until she officially announces her solo project. (Her solo Spotify page already exists, BTW!)

What have Chloe and Halle said about breaking up?

OK, you can finally stop holding your breath, because as of right now, the Bailey sisters haven’t said anything about Chloe x Halle coming to an end — amen! Speculation that the sisters were focusing on themselves initially swirled in March, when the siblings decided to create individual social media accounts in addition to their shared pages under the Chloe x Halle moniker.

However, they later explained why they established separate socials, citing their long distance relationship. “[The distance] led us to create our own Instagram pages so we would be able to do our [Instagram] Lives together still,” Halle said. Chloe noted that having separate accounts would also help sirens get to know the sisters individually because they’re “so alike and so similar, but also so different.”

In other words, it doesn’t look like this sister duo is splitting up any time soon. Their solo projects and solo social profiles are just a sign of growth as artists and individuals that’ll probably make them even stronger as a duo when they start making music together again.

Are Chloe x Halle releasing new music soon?

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If Ungodly Hour changed your life last year, you’re probably dying to know when the Bailey sisters are going to bless your ears with some amazing new tunes. Most recently, in March, the Georgia natives released an emotive cover of “Georgia On My Mind” — the state’s official song, originally made big by the late soul singer Ray Charles. Before that, they delivered two Spotify Singles in November 2020: a cover of R&B duo Zhané’s 1994 hit “Sending My Love” and a new version of Ungodly Hour’s “Tipsy.”

While there’s no telling exactly when the sisters will start dropping new music, hopefully album no. 3 is already in the works. Until then, some more covers would be nice — lookin’ at you, Chloe!