Cheryl Burke Reveals Ryan Lochte Was 'On The Verge Of Tears' On 'DWTS'


Cheryl Burke said Ryan Lochte looked like he was about to burst into tears when two protestors stormed the stage on "Dancing with the Stars."

Burke gave a first-hand account of what happened when the pair interrupted the show wearing anti-Lochte t-shirts.

Spoiler alert: She makes it seem way more dramatic than it actually was. I mean, the security guard's tackle was pretty dramatic, but apart from that it was just some old geezer walking on stage barely shouting slogans.

Describing the scene, Cheryl told PEOPLE,

Then she revealed Lochte was about to cry, saying,

Poor Lochte (I wish he had cried).



Cry for me.


As if that account wasn't dramatic enough, the dancer went on Twitter to plead with the world to love. Her post read:

Wait, were we watching the same incident? What she's describing sounds way more tasty.

Thanks for blowing this out of proportion, Cheryl.

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