Chelsea Handler Just One-Upped Kim Kardashian With Her Naked Bathroom Selfie

REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Chelsea Handler, Instagram's OG nudist, pulled a Kim Kardashian earlier today, as a gift to pal Reese Witherspoon.

In honor of Witherspoon's birthday, Handler stripped down to her birthday suit and took a selfie in what appears to be her bathroom, seemingly mirroring Kim K's latest #BreakTheInternet post.

The only exception? Handler, somewhat goofily, was wearing socks.

The photo's caption simply reads,

Happy Birthday @ReeseWitherspoon

I have no clue if it's some sort of inside joke (there are, after all, better gifts to give your friend on her birthday), or if Handler simply missed flaunting her bod on the 'Gram.

But the comedian looks as comfortable as ever letting it all hang out (as she damn well should -- the girl looks great).

Check out the pic below.

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