Here's What All The Cheetah Girls Are Up To Now

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Admit it: The Cheetah Girls were SO cool.

Galleria, Chanel, Dorinda and Aquanetta were serious #SquadGoals before #SquadGoals were even a thing. You wanted to be just like them. You especially wanted to own one of those brightly colored, cheetah print jumpsuits.

Look me in the eyes and try to tell me those jumpsuits weren't the sh*t.

It's been almost 13 years since those four girls on the Disney Channel promised to stick together because they were Cheetah Girls, cheetah sisters.

Unfortunately, real life doesn't always work out the way it does in the movies. Sometimes, one of your best friends gets way more successful than you and then starts saying really weird stuff about race. That's just the way the spots fall on the cheetah.

So, here's a peek into the lives of the Cheetah Girls over a decade later! You know, besides Raven, that is. And no, I'm not discussing the terrible sequel films.

Let's start with Chanel, aka Chuchie, played by Adrienne Bailon.

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Chanel was the best. Remember what an amazing friend she was to Do? And remember that time she stole her mom's credit card and went on a shopping spree, and it was awesome?

Now, you may know Adrienne as a host of BET's "The Real."

Sometimes, she dresses like Wonder Woman, and it's super badass.

Last year, she broke off her engagement to Lenny Santiago, an executive at Jay Z's record label.

Next up, Dorinda, aka Do, played by Sabrina Bryan.

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Dorindaaaa! Sweet Dorinda. Your heart broke when you found out she lived in foster care. Plus, she was the best dancer of the group, which was rad.

Sabrina has been a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" twice now, so you might have seen her there.

She still wears cheetah-print stuff to this day. Cheetah sista foreva!!!

Last but not least, Aquanette, aka Aqua, played by Kiely Williams.

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Aqua was a little mysterious. She butted heads with Raven sometimes, but Raven was kind of a butthead. You know Aqua carries hot sauce in her bag. #Swag

After "The Cheetah Girls" and a brief solo career, Kiely took a hiatus from singing and acting.

But, she still gets together with her Cheetah Girls!

Rock on, Cheetah Girls. Sisters stand together! Unless you're Raven.

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