DeVonte "Dee" Joseph from 'Cheer'

These Tumbling Videos Of Dee From Cheer Are Absolutely Mind-Blowing

Just, like.... how?

Kyle Alexander/Netflix

DeVonte “Dee” Joseph may have been reluctant to call himself a cheerleader at first, but he’s fully embraced his talents now. In Season 2 of Netflix’s docuseries Cheer, audiences were introduced to Dee, a tumbler for Trinity Valley Community College’s cheer team who had trouble embracing every aspect of his sport. But after his team took home the top prize at the NCA Championship in Daytona in 2021, Season 2 of the series ended with Dee finally proudly calling himself a TVCC cheerleader. Dee’s immense skills on the mat were showcased throughout the season, and his Instagram offers even more highlights of his mind-blowing tumbling skills.

Dee is originally from Stockbridge, Georgia, where he learned to flip from his older brother, D’Anthony, and at the Flip City South gym. After high school, Dee went to Athens, Texas, to begin attending TVCC and join the cheer team. At one point in Cheer Season 2, TVCC assistant coach Khris Franklin describes him as the "most talented kid in America." That title makes sense, especially since Dee has mastered one of the hardest cheerleading moves ever: the “quint,” which requires five consecutive turns in the air. Here’s how to check out more of Dee’s unbelievable tumbling.

Dee Joseph’s Instagram

Dee’s Instagram is full of highlights from Dee’s cheer career, including his amazing performance at Daytona in 2021. You can also watch a video of Dee performing his signature quint, as well as videos of Dee practicing his flips years ago in Georgia before he started at TVCC.

Dee Joseph’s Tumbling Videos

In addition to the tumbling videos on Dee’s Instagram, he also shares videos from the mat on his YouTube channel, Tumbling Dee. He’s posted videos showcases his quint, as well as a video of his “quad whip quad” that truly needs to be seen to be believed. Dee was also an Nfinity Legend in 2020, which is an honor given to only the 50 top cheerleaders in the world each year. There are a few Nfinity vidoes of Dee performing at the top of his game:

Dee Joseph’s 2022 Updates

At the end of Cheer Season 2, Dee decided to go back to TVCC for another year of cheering in the 2021-2022 season. According to his Instagram bio, he’s sticking with that plan and is currently at TVCC. Throughout the 2020-2021 season, Dee struggled with the performance side of cheer, especially the dance choreography. But another year at TVCC gives Dee another chance to embrace all his talents — including choreography — and to help TVCC at the Daytona bandshell again.

Season 2 of Cheer is on Netflix now.