Zayn Malik Is Losing Twitter Followers And Fans At An Insane Rate

by Emily Arata

Zayn Malik might've thought the fans he gained through One Direction would stay with him for a lifetime, but Twitter just proved him wrong.

When the former member of the band picked a Twitter battle with ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson earlier today, however, his supporters were quick to hit "unfollow."

Malik's friend Naughty Boy, who publicly criticized Tomlinson's reliance on autotune and musical career, is a major part of a fight that has #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN trending on Twitter.

This comes just weeks after the brooding star's decision to leave the band.

Seemingly shocked by all the comments, his Twitter followers dramatically began to unfollow him.

Comparison shots from before and after the fight show thousands of fans deciding Malik isn't worth their time.

Zayn's fans decided they had better things to do than support their favorite former pop star.

Zayn's followers count is dropping faster than my grades. #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN #Directioners4Music — *॰✩Harry Styles *॰✩ (@BalmumuLolo) May 6, 2015
Remember this?@zaynmalik This is what you lost. Two months ago you left us. Today we left you. #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN pic.twitter.com/eSROhsBhGJ — good fucking bye. (@foreverblxck) May 6, 2015
i seriously mad at zayn that i unfollowed him #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN — thea (@PAKIDILARRY) May 6, 2015
That fact that so many unfollowed him.. Sorry zayn but you have chosen the wrong side.. #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN pic.twitter.com/7Jv3LD2dg1 — #TEAMLOUIS (@louisgirlx_) May 6, 2015
whenever @zaynmalik wants to pipe the fuck down....that would be great. @Louis_Tomlinson #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN — IsabellaFeder (@IsabellaFeder34) May 6, 2015
This is the most accurate thing right now #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN pic.twitter.com/zxUeMHl4dH — Iris` (@lukesbubblegumx) May 6, 2015
Wow Zayn is losing hundreds of followers a second. The 1D fandom must be on melt down right now! — /ΔRCHES (@archesUK) May 6, 2015

While Zayn's Twitter numbers fell, his followers tweeted their disappointment.

@NaughtyBoyMusic I hope you are proud of yourself for helping ruin a relationship that lasted for about 5 years. #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN — trintrin (@itstrinnnity2) May 6, 2015
@zaynmalik One day we'll get tired of ur actions and then you'll understand how much u hurt us. #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN pic.twitter.com/cl6vE7o0vN — Náná. (@Nadi_Magalhaes) May 6, 2015
I'm a zayn girl but seriously he fucked up real bad on this one. Or should I say, i WAS a zayn girl #TomlinsonSlaysAgain — fuck it zayn (@ZAPpeningg) May 6, 2015
"Remember you had a life....." Remember you have 4 brother and millions of fans but you turn your back? #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN — TEAM TOMLINSON (@yanniiieeeee) May 6, 2015
@OfficialLouTom We all care about the four boys who stood by us through everything !! tbh Zayn had no right. #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN — Hanae (@Hanae_Styles) May 6, 2015
Zayn: Remember when you had a life Me to Zayn: Remember when you had a career before quitting the band #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN — Incomplete Letter LT (@Louisismine2524) May 6, 2015

There's only one way to sum up the current One Direction crisis.

Wtf Zayn https://t.co/Qo29hNczjl — 1D Updates (@1D_Updates_EU) May 6, 2015