Holy Sh*t! Zac Efron's Younger Brother Might Be Hotter Than He Is (Photos)


Ladies, ladies, ladies: I have a treat for you.

Last night, Hollywood hunk extraordinaire Zac Efron posted a photo to Instagram.

Sure, any of Zac's photos naturally receive at least a few hundred thousand likes, but this photo was special.

It features a shirtless Zac (drool), and his shirtless younger brother, Dylan, also made an appearance.

Panties dropped. Girls fainted. Sh*t got real when that pic went live.

The photo was simply tagged “#brothers,” but as Cosmopolitan points out, there are several other hashtags that would be far more fitting for a photo of this caliber.

Something like “#WeGotItFromOurMomma” or “#WhosInForAThreesome?”

Sadly, it did not say any of those things.

But it's still a wonderful, delightful, drool-worthy picture, so without further ado, I present to you: The Hottest Brothers Who Have Ever Lived (plus a few bonus pictures of Dylan alone, for good measure).

*Praising hands emoji*

Here's Dylan with some family...

With some chick...

Graduating (from college, I hope)...


...and just being his hot self.



Here he is... somewhere.


And here he is back in the day.


He was cute then, and he's cute(r) now.


Where do we get one?


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