Holy Sh*t! Zac Efron's Younger Brother Might Be Hotter Than He Is (Photos)

Ladies, ladies, ladies: I have a treat for you.

Last night, Hollywood hunk extraordinaire Zac Efron posted a photo to Instagram.

Sure, any of Zac's photos naturally receive at least a few hundred thousand likes, but this photo was special.

It features a shirtless Zac (drool), and his shirtless younger brother, Dylan, also made an appearance.

Panties dropped. Girls fainted. Sh*t got real when that pic went live.

The photo was simply tagged “#brothers,” but as Cosmopolitan points out, there are several other hashtags that would be far more fitting for a photo of this caliber.

Something like “#WeGotItFromOurMomma” or “#WhosInForAThreesome?”

Sadly, it did not say any of those things.

But it's still a wonderful, delightful, drool-worthy picture, so without further ado, I present to you: The Hottest Brothers Who Have Ever Lived (plus a few bonus pictures of Dylan alone, for good measure).

*Praising hands emoji*

Here's Dylan with some family...

W/ Uncle, Cousin #Traveling New day New year pic.twitter.com/KkkZecfsnY — Dylan Efron (@DylanEfron) January 4, 2014

With some chick...

#Tourist #visiting #traveling pic.twitter.com/MHhTtr7R4E — Dylan Efron (@DylanEfron) August 16, 2014

Graduating (from college, I hope)...


...and just being his hot self.



check out what I just found older picture with @zacefron #dylanefron pic.twitter.com/G2bxiaD6Tj — Dylan Efron (@DylanEfron) November 10, 2013

Here he is... somewhere.


And here he is back in the day.


He was cute then, and he's cute(r) now.


Where do we get one?


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