This Woman Looks So Much Like Taylor Swift We Actually Can't Tell Them Apart

by Eitan Levine

Taylor Swift's doppelganger looks more like Taylor Swift than Taylor Swift looks like Taylor Swift.

The word doppelganger gets thrown around wayyyy too liberally nowadays. Everyone sort of looks like someone else, and that someone else will oftentimes be a famous person.

Think about it, there is only X amount of different face combinations in the world to combine with only a few different hairstyles and skin tones.

The world isn't full of human snowflakes (unless you ask Tomi Lahren), with each one completely different.

So when someone says they know someone who is a doppelganger of someone else, it is usually not the case. Usually it just means someone kind of looks like the other person.

My mom used to say I was Russell Crowe's doppelganger. I am not. We are both white mails with black hair. That is it.

I was really skeptical when we found out about this girl who claims to be Taylor Swift's doppelganger, especially because of how "standard" Taylor Swift looks, but I gotta hand it to this girl, she really does look like Taylor.

Meet April Gloria.

The Kansas native is making waves on the internet by being someone who looks like Taylor Swift.

I don't care what you guys say, this is the girl who sang "Bad Blood."

She's a cosplayer, all you nerds.

How is this NOT Taylor Swift?

April isn't the first internet person to try and take the title of Swiftelganger, either.

There is Keitra Jane from Salt Lake City.

A couple of months ago, we also reported on Olivia Sturgiss, the Australian resident who also could easily be head of the Starbucks lovers.

Instagram isn't the only place hiding the TaylorSwiftalikes, though.

This girl shot into the Tumblr hall of fame after she posted a pic of her best friend taking selfies with people who assumed she was Taylor.


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