This Teen Looks So Much Like Taylor Swift, They Could Literally Be Twins (Photos)

Getty Images

Despite having the same hair, skin tone, bone structure, body type, sense of excitement, eyes, forehead, ears and general energy, Olivia Sturgiss is NOT Taylor Swift.

If you think about it, fandom can really only go so far.

I mean, yes, you can wear your favorite movie/music/sports star's clothes and personal line of fragrances, but aside from that, there is no real way for normal people to truly emulate someone famous without getting elective cosmetic surgery.

Unless, you naturally just look like a celebrity, kind of like how Olivia Sturgiss looks like a 3D-printed Taylor Swift made in some secret Tesla research and development lab.

The 19-year-old Australian resident made a name for herself on Instagram for her supernatural resemblance to the biggest music name on the planet.

Sturgiss recently told Daily Mail everything about her resembling Swift is completely coincidental aside from her haircut, which she intentionally gets to match Swift's hair.

The resemblance helped Sturgiss' #NoItsLiv become a viral hit on Instagram.

This weird pseudo-celebrity Internet status even resulted in a meet-and-greet with Taylor at a recent concert!

This cute picture was taken after Sturgiss and Swift wrestled, and Swift's security guard had to figure out which one to shoot... At least, that's how I imagined the meeting going down.

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