Here's What Gretchen Wieners Looks Like Today

by Alexa Mellardo
Paramount Pictures

One of my absolutely favorite quotes from “Mean Girls” is when Gretchen Wieners said,

That is so fetch!

She was ALL about trying to make 'fetch' a trendy thing.

Queen Bee of the Plastics, Regina George, obviously shut her poor minion Gretchen down when she said,

Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!

"And none for Gretchen Wieners."

Wherever the elite Plastics went, drama naturally ensued.

Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith and Regina's protege Cady Heron made up the crew of mean girls who ruled the hallways of North Shore High.

Other than Gretchen's serious lack of a backbone, she was my favorite squad member in the fierce Plastics.

Since her “Mean Girls” days, Gretchen Wieners — AKA Lacey Chabert — has changed a lot.

This is what Gretchen looks like today.

She recently celebrated her baby shower…

…And she was seriously GLOWING. Loving the purple maxi dress, girl!

Here's the fave Plastics member, spending quality time with her sweet pooch and baby bump.

I think we all need to give her cute as heck dog a little loving right here.

Oh, and Gretchen casually chilled with Ben Higgins from “The Bachelor.”

Gretchen's Instagram is chock-full of chic outfits.

Really though, I want to go shopping with her STAT.

Hey girl hey, you totally succeeded at making fetch happen with this red dress. Take THAT, Regina George!

Oh SNAP, do I spy a mini “Mean Girls” reunion that went down?!

All of this “Mean Girls” talk is making me super nostalgic I want to watch the movie for the thousandth time, LIKE RIGHT NOW.

BRB, heating up the popcorn and pouring the wine.