Vanessa Hudgens Is Being Slammed For Cultural Appropriation Again


I hope to one day be blessed enough to have a wife and family who love me as much as Vanessa Hudgens loves accidentally appropriating culture.

I don't think she does this on purpose, but the former “High School Musical” cast member has a massive reputation for cultural appropriation through her fashion choices.

Let me be clear: I don't think Vanessa starts her day every morning with a cup of coffee and a drawn out agenda on how to piss off the web through stealing other culture's looks.

I just think she, like, accidentally keeps falling into these situations. Like a way worse and modern Forrest Gump.

Hudgens' latest slip up, featured on her Snapchat, may be her actual worst, though.

I'll let you judge.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, how about we throw some filters on there.

Whoa boy.




Seriously, Vanessa. C'mon.

The internet is sort of furious at her over this.

Admittedly, some people who think everyone is overreacting have gotten behind Hudgens asking for the web to chill out a bit.

So it's cultural appropriation when @VanessaHudgens wears braids but when @Beyonce dyes her hair blonde is "slaying"?#doublestandard — Isaac Vidal (@isaac_vidal96) October 24, 2016

This is far from the first time Hudgens has been called out for doing something like this.

Back in June, Hudgens came under fire after some of her followers claimed she was guilty of Native American cultural appropriation for wearing dream catchers in her hair.

Did this outfit cross the line?

It goes farther back than that, though.

Before the Native American incident, Hudgens was called out for appropriating Hindu culture at Coachella a few years back.

Is Vanessa Hudgens just eternally terrible at not offending people or is she actually aware and just does not give a sweet dang?

I don't have the answer to that. What I do know, though, is those braids are an absolute nightmare and her stylist deserves to be fired BEYOND fast.