Tyga's Dick Pics Were Reportedly Leaked In Middle Of Cheating Rumors

by Adam Pliskin

Tyga just can't catch a break.

The rapper took a great deal of flack for allegedly dating Kylie Jenner. Now, he's taking flack for allegedly cheating on her.

There is a rumor going around that Tyga is having an affair with a transgender actress named Mia Isabella.

What's worse is someone leaked dick pics, supposedly of Tyga, in order to give credence to the rumor.

While the photos aren't definitively of the rapper, they do bear an uncanny resemblance; the source even provided text messages that include a picture of a man's stomach and it has very similar tattoos.

You can see the leaked photos on gossip site B. Scott.

All in all, it's not boding well for Tyga.

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