Tom Hardy's Myspace Page Was Absolutely F*cking Legendary (Photos)


It's no secret Tom Hardy's life makes for one epic rags to riches story: The former crack addict is now one of Hollywood's hottest actors.

Before he was showing off his chops on the silver screen, however, Hardy was a celebrity in his own right — on the computer screen.

Enter: Tom Hardy's Myspace.

His page on the once-popular social media network was a gem, full of half-naked photos of the Brit in ridiculous poses, coupled with equally ridiculous captions (such as, "I'm cooking a turkey, yo”).

The page has since been taken down, but the photos live on. Such is the beauty of the Internet.

His “About Me” section was no less hilarious than the bizarre photos and was undoubtedly written while on copious amounts of drugs:

It's reassuring, in a way, to know such an established, handsome, seemingly put-together actor made his share of questionable life decisions in his youth. There's hope for us yet.

Check out some of the painfully embarrassing photos below, and be grateful you live in an age where memories may fade but evidence never does.

Pre-Hollywood Tom Hardy was the king of Myspace selfies.

It's the stuff of legend.

This is from the man who played Bane and Mad Max.

To be fair, he was also a crack addict, which could explain the lack of judgement here.

Hardy was all about those body shots.

Though his profile has long since been deleted...

...these photos are forever.

And really, thank God for that.

Long live Tom Hardy....

...and the Myspace memories.

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