Tom Hardy Says He Would've Sold His Mom For Crack During His Low Point


Here's your daily reminder to stay off of hard drugs: British actor Tom Hardy recently opened up about his former battle with crack, claiming when he was using, he would have “sold his mother” to get high.

In an interview with Essentials magazine, the "Mad Max: Fury Road" actor admitted,

He first started using after the commercial failure of “Star Trek Nemesis,” his first major role.

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Along with crack, Hardy developed an addiction to alcohol. He described the so-called monkey on his back as,

Reportedly, Hardy got clean in 2003, although his wife divorced him the following year because of his addiction.

Hardy, who has a young son, says fatherhood gave him the push he needed to get clean.

"It's no longer just about you," he explained, and admits he's "f*cking lucky to be alive."

Today, he's one of Hollywood's biggest new names.

But he wouldn't have been successful had he not gotten clean, he confessed.

Hardy was lucky. He managed to turn his life around and, despite the odds, achieve success.

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Take it from Hardy: Drugs are not worth it.

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