This Might Just Be The Greatest Interview With Dan Bilzerian Ever (Listen)

Love him or hate him, Dan Bilzerian is an interesting guy. He has made a ton of money playing poker. He throws porn stars into pools. And he has an excellent Instagram account.

This morning, Bilzerian went on "The Howard Stern Show" to talk about his epic lifestyle. He spoke about how much money he made in the past year from poker ($50 million).

And he spoke about all of the things he's been crossing off his bucket list.

Bilzerian said,

There's a lot of guys who have money, but they have their wives or jobs or family or they're worried about their reputation or whatever it is, but I just kinda took the attitude of like, 'What the f*ck?' and just did whatever I wanted.

It sounds like a pretty great way to live. Also, Bilzerian came off way more likeable and normal in this interview than one would expect.

It's a long clip, but it's always interesting to hear Howard delve deeply into the personal life of an interesting human being.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram