This Millionaire Poker Player's Instagram Makes The Rich Kids Of Instagram Look Poor (Photos)

by Robert Gordon

Eat your hearts out, Rich Kids of Instagram; poker star and gun lover Dan Bilzerian has redefined what it means to be “on Instagram, straight flexin’!”

From crashed Ferraris, to naked women acting as plates for sushi, Bilzerian’s Instagram is a look into the life of a man with a lot of money and a lot of time on his hands.

His page, which accumulates thousands of likes per post, showcases his affinity for piles of cash, helicopters, private jets and young, impressionable women with “upgraded” parts. Oh, and the former Navy recruit is not shy about his love for firearms, showcasing an extensive collection of guns and professing the importance of the Second Amendment.

Bilzerian’s life is certainly one many will envy, as he seemingly “has it all.”

Check out some of his Instagram posts below!

Via: BroBible, Photos Courtesy: Instagram