Theory About Sharpay From 'High School Musical' Will Make You Rethink Everything

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Guys, I know I say "this is the greatest thing on the internet" all the time, but I'm for real this time. This is the greatest thing on the internet.

On Sunday, Twitter user @SHARPAYSAVICTIM — a pure of heart, precious hero — created a Twitter thread about the "High School Musical" "villain" Sharpay Evans.

The thread argues that Sharpay is the real victim of all of the "High School Musical" movies, and honestly, WHERE IS THE LIE?

The entire thread is, like, over 70 tweets long, so I can't include them all here. But you need to read the thread from start to finish. And you need to respect it. Us theater kids have been waiting YEARS for you bitches to recognize this truth.

We've been waiting for you. Sharpay's been waiting for you. Grab your seat, and silence your motha fuckin' phones. The show's about to begin.

Here's the first part of the thread, where the tea is first poured.


You following? Great.

Sharpay wasn't wrong to tell Troy and Gabriella to go for the supporting roles. Musicals are hard work, people!!! You can't just waltz in with no experience and expect to get the lead just because you can carry a damn tune.

There's ACTING. There's DANCING. There's STAGE PRESENCE. There's VOCAL HEALTH. All of these things are things Sharpay has spent her entire life fine-tuning, and Troy and Gabriella just want to dive right in?! Honestly, the gaul.

And that's the just tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Sharpay was right and literally everyone else was wrong.

I would now like to take this time to acknowledge this very astute side note Karim made:


Love ballads? For spring? Groundbreaking.

Karim then explains how Troy and Gabriella showed up late to their audition and weren't nearly as good as Sharpay and Ryan, which pisses off Sharpay, duh.

So she convinces Mrs. Darbus to change the date of the callbacks to really challenge Troy and Gabriella's commitment.

She literally flips the entire plot upside-down so there's no possible way you could ever contradict the fact Sharpay was straight-up bullied by all the guys and yes, Gabriella and her friends.

I tried to get Zac Efron to acknowledge this, but no word yet. Stay tuned.

The thread breaks down all of the bullshit in every single movie and even defends the not-as-popular "HSM" film, "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure."

SHARPAY LITERALLY JUST LOVED THEATER, AND EVERYONE HATED HER FOR IT. But the second the ~popular boy~ says musicals are cool, musicals are suddenly the greatest thing to ever exist.

And even after everyone decides musicals are the greatest thing to ever exist, everyone still judges Sharpay for being the best out of all of them!!! But like, SHE IS THE BEST OUT OF ALL THEM. This literally makes me so angry.

This theory is so correct, Ashley Tisdale herself acknowledged it.

"High School Musical" is literally so dark when you think about all the sexist shit Sharpay went through.

Like, she knows she's amazing and talented and demands people recognize her worth, but the second she does, she's written off as a diva and doesn't get the roles she deserves because people punish her for being confident!!!

But when Troy is like, "MUSICALS R GR8 LET'S ALL DO THEM AND I'M THE BEST AT THEM AND ALSO BASKETBALL" everyone's like, "You're right."

And there you have it. Sharpay is a victim, and Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez fucking suck.

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