The Weeknd Documents His Vacation With Selena Gomez In Adorable Videos

by Eitan Levine


We now have proof that The Weeknd and Selena Gomez are actually going out — aside from all those pics of them making out that have leaked across the web over the past few weeks.

Selena Gomez accidentally may have given us a small glimpse into her relationship with The Weeknd over the weekend while the two were on vacation in Italy.

Though she has since deleted the update, Gomez posted a short video of some footage from her trip to Instagram that primarily featured The Weeknd bobbing his head on a boat.

The Weeknd has also posted some highlights from their getaway.


The obvious question is: What does this mean?

Normally, if two people take a vacation to Italy, they're obviously pretty serious — or at the very least one of them is stuck in the most expensive friendzone of all time (RIP that guy's useless genitals).

Rich people don't play it like that though.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have the kind of money where they can go to Italy for dinner and then head back home for breakfast just because they want to. Going to Italy is like, not a big deal for them.

Being able to puddle hop — YEAH! I KNOW HOW TO DO CASUAL AIRPLANE INDUSTRY BANTER! WHAT OF IT?! — is a perk of having enough money to buy the naming rights to the puddle that you're hopping.

The truth of the matter is we've known these two beautiful singers have been slamming into each other for a while now. They have not been the most secretive about it, which means that they could have been official this entire time and we just didn't know.

That's not saying it's not a little weird, though, based on how incestuous their entire coupling is.

Sooooooo, how about instead of letting us spend days on end speculating about wtf is going on with you two you just tell us?

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