The Rock's Daughter Pooped On His Head

Can you smell (*5 second pause*) what the Rock is -- oh, dang, that actually smells like poop.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson deserves some sort of Father of the Year Award, because he recently decided to take a moment on Labor Day to teach his daughter a valuable and "awww"-inspiring message.

We reported earlier how Dwayne posted the most adorable video of him and his baby daughter Jasmine (more like Princess Jasmine because he treats her like ROYALTY).

Honestly, we thought he couldn't get any sweeter than that. Well, we were wrong, and this social media post proves it.

In honor of Labor Day, The Rock posted an encouraging and motivating story on his Instagram about teaching Jasmine about the value of hard work.

Of course, his noble lesson was met with an unlikely response from his daughter -- poop. That's right, The Rock's daughter pooped on him. Hey, sh*t happens.

Here's what The Rock had to say about her poopy response in his caption,

I told her, 'Baby girl when you grow up, you get out there and dent the universe thru hard work and sweat. And always make sure you do it in a positive way with class, dignity and respect'. She responded by poo'ing on me in this moment as she plays her favorite game, 'Drum time on daddy's big head'. It was a good talk.

Sounds like a good talk indeed! May there be many, many more to come (hopefully with less poop).

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