Taylor Swift Locks Songs In Briefcase


Taylor Swift is very protective of her music prior to its official release.

How protective? Marsellus Wallace's soul didn't have this level of security guarding it, though it was transported in a v similar vessel.

The Grammy winner's pal and fellow pop powerhouse Ed Sheeran told Just Jared,

The fact more people have access to the launch codes for nuclear weapons than Taylor's rough drafts isn't the only reason she's so successful. It also has a lot to do with the classic underdog quality of pretty blonde millionaires.

Ed told GQ,


To be fair, Taylor Swift was homeschooled for the second half of high school, making her both the most and least popular kid in school.

Ed realizes the tides have turned for them both. He added,


Ed recently entered a fresh era of self-confidence and is spouting that personal praise harder than a drunk girl to a bar bathroom mirror at 2 am.

He told the magazine,

Tell it, sister.

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