Snoop Dogg Actually Admitted He Smoked Weed Inside The White House (Video)

My least favorite kind of person tends to be someone who allows one specific interest to define his or her personality, and I really don't care for the person who decides to spend the majority of his or her life spreading the gospel of the miracle plant known as marijuana.

If you've ever been to a concert, you've probably encountered at least one guy, probably sporting ill-advised dreadlocks and something made of llama, who thinks Bob Marley could have cured his cancer by smoking more weed.

However, not all smokers have to be insufferable, which I know is true because Snoop Dogg is a person who exists.

While Snoop might have gotten to where he is because of his music, I'd argue that these days, he's probably known more for his enthusiasm for the drug he uses when writing and recording almost all of it.

He sat down with Andy Cohen to discuss his passion for marijuana, and he had a chance to talk about the time he smoked in a bathroom at the White House.

And then you realized you're never going to be as cool as Snoop Dogg.