Snoop Dogg Painted A Scary Dog As A Gift To Martha Stewart

We all have friends that we're not exactly sure how we became friends with them, but it feels right.

Despite having hardly anything in common, these people come into your life, and you're forever grateful for their companionship.

In fact, my best friend may be the complete opposite of me.

I'm a short troll monster, she's an incredibly tall beautiful woman. I was raised on the side of a hill, she was raised in a family that appreciated Christian values. I eat live pigeons, she does not eat live pigeons.

We're not sure how Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart hit it off so well, but we love their friendship.

In fact, back in 2009, "The Martha Stewart Show" had a Christmas episode where Snoop taught her how to make "green" brownies. Now, they're going to host a dinner party-themed show together.

They're such good friends that Snoop Dogg painted an original work of art for Martha Stewart. And it's kind of... silly/terrifying/perfect.

It's a nice gift, Martha, for certain.

Naturally, fans of both the rapper and the celebrity chef daydream about their time spent together, which may or may not include Snoop's favorite past time, smoking those jazz cigarettes.

Others commented on Snoop Dogg's uncanny ability to truly capture the essence of this character.

And still, we are all reminded of what our BFF goals truly are...

Think about it. Has your best friend ever made you something so oddly beautiful? You deserve it and so does your friend.

Let this inspire us to pick up a paintbrush and canvas and create something perfect for our own best friend. I was thinking like... a lion caught in a spider web, and the spider is eating the lion.

But feel free to brainstorm your own ideas! I'm not your boss.

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