Beyoncé's Fans Are Asking The Same Question After First Pic Of Rumi And Sir Carter

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Early Friday morning, WHILE I WAS SLEEPING FOR GOD'S SAKE, Beyoncé shared the first photo of her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter.

The beautiful image of Queen Bey holding her newborn babies in front of a beautiful floral arrangement is going viral, for obvious reasons, of course.

First, she looks stunning. Girl knows how to rock a veil and undies. Second, the world finally gets to see what Rumi and Sir Carter look like... if they zoom in really, really close and use a magnifying glass. LIKE, COME ON, BEY. WHERE'S THE CLOSE UP?

I'm just kidding, this is great. You're great. Rumi and Sir Carter are great. However, fans on Twitter just have one question about the name of these babies after reading Beyoncé's caption on Instagram.

The mother of three wrote the following message along with the above photo,

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today.

Aw, cute right? The babies are 1-month-old! WRONG, THIS IS CONFUSING AF. WTF, BEY?

The way she wrote "Sir Carter and Rumi" makes it sound like "Sir Carter" is the entire first name of her son. If "Sir" was just the baby's first name, wouldn't Beyoncé have written, "Sir and Rumi Carter 1 month today"? Since, you know, "Carter" is their last name?

BUT... IS "CARTER" NOT RUMI'S LAST NAME? And if "Sir Carter" is the baby's first name, does that mean his full name is "Sir Carter Carter"?

Elite Daily reached out to Beyoncé's team for comment, but did not hear back at time of publication.

In the meantime, check out WTF everyone is saying on Twitter. The entire world is wondering the same damn question. IS SIR CARTER'S FULL NAME JUST "SIR CARTER" OR IS IT "SIR CARTER CARTER"? JAY-Z, break your silence and help us out!

Ugh, I love the internet. You guys are my best friends. Bey, your fans need answers and they need them now. I know you're busy raising legacies and sh*t, but can you like, tweet me back?!