Selena Gomez's Eyelash Curler Scene In "Fetish" Has Fans Grossed Out


Our girl Selena Gomez is back and this time she is fully embracing her fetishes... in all sorts of ways. Selena Gomez's eyelash curler scene in her new "Fetish" video has fans seriously grossed out. The "Fetish" video dropped on Wednesday, July 26 and in times like these, Twitter is always the greatest place to go.

Earlier this month, Gomez released what many fans thought might be the official video, but it turned out to be just under four minutes of a very intense close-up of her mouth. Now that we know what the official video looks like, we can watch blissfully and appreciate the weird/bizarre art that is this music video.

Artist and curator Petra Collins directed the music video and it features the hip hop artist, Gucci Mane. You will also find soap eating, glass munching, sun-gazing and it comes just days after the singer's 26th birthday. Happy birthday Selena Gomez!

Although the Twittersphere has been tough on Selena Gomez after the release of this brand new music video, doesn't mean the "Fetish" video isn't doing amazingly well. The hit video has already been viewed over 100,000 times in minutes. That's what you call viral.

Kris Jenner for the win.

CLENCHED indeed.

Over here! Over here!

I'm confused. You're confused. We're all confused.


True that. She really does look amazing. But still...

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

We are scared of eyelash curlers too.

I get it. I totally get it.

Eating everything, literally.

The eyelash curler is a real mystery.

Oh, Selena. You are so special with your wonderfully weird music videos and your glowing energy. We appreciate the uniqueness, but next time let's go ahead and skip eating an eyelash curler. Only because, well.. it's just not good for you. OK? Cool.

You can watch Selena's "Fetish" video on Vevo.