There's A Selena Gomez Photoshop Fail In This Pic And No One Understands Why

by Anna Menta

Shout out to Selena Gomez for being the subject of the absolute weirdest photoshop decision I've ever seen.

And I've seen my fair share of photoshops. Usually they involve digitally manipulating a woman's waist to be smaller, her thigh gap bigger, her shoulders slimmer and other demeaning things like that.

But the editing done to this photo of Selena Gomez is just... odd.

This does not, in my opinion, enhance any of Selena's features to be more in line with our current societal standards of beauty, unless we've updated those standards and I missed it (which does happen to me often).

Here's what happened:

Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo shared this pic of Selena on his Instagram, presumably to show off a hair and makeup job well done.


He has since deleted the Instagram post, but don't worry, I've got the screenshots.

But then fans took a closer look at the photo, and noticed something...weird.


Why is the wall behind Selena curving in like that? That's not how walls work!


The only explanation is that someone, possibly Hung Vanngo, digitally altered this photo.

But... why, though?

The only possible end goal I can imagine the photoshopper was trying to achieve is, like, poofier hair? Did somebody want Selena's hair to stick out to the side more — so much so that said person went through the trouble of actually editing it?

If so, why? Is hair sticking out a thing I should know about? When did this happen? Is this the hot new look all the teens are trying to achieve and having their self-esteem crushed over?

Maybe I'm getting old, but I really don't get it.

I mean, yeah, her hair looks kind of cool all wispy-like. But I never would have guessed that ~look~ was so important that someone would break out the amateur photoshopping to achieve it.

I'm not even mad about it — I'm just bewildered. I guess I'll just add "hair that sticks out" to my list of things I'll never understand about fashion.

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