Selena Gomez Hints She's Working On 'Magical' New Project And We Have 5 Guesses


Selena Gomez is teasing the world with a new project and The Weeknd might be involved and no one is sure if it's a duet or a baby or a marriage or a boat tour and it's all enough to make you sweat through your denim.

OK, woo. Relax. Breathe. We're good. We're casual. We're just hanging out.


Selena shared a pic with Instagram followers of herself standing in the desert beside the Collins sisters, promising "something magical."

Petra Collins is a model/photographer (so perhaps this is a photo shoot?) and Anna Collins is a dance teacher (so perhaps this is a contemporary ballet?).

Two hours before Selena posted the photo, her new boo The Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye) shared a pic on his Insta of himself and a one-eyed cowboy geotagged in Marfa, Texas.

TEXAS IS AN ARID, DESERT STATE FULL OF COWBOYS, PROBABLY. It's also the state that gave America every famous Selena this country has ever loved. That's right: all two of them.

The Weeknd and Selena could be teaming up professionally to release some hot, sexy summer duet, OR she could be bringing him home to meet the family. It's difficult to tell because I do not have full access to Selena's life like I keep requesting in my handwritten letters.

Here are a few likely possibilities:

  1. The Weeknd is meeting the Gomez family.
  2. Selena and The Weeknd are doing a Zayn and Gigi style couple's shoot.
  3. Selena is shooting a "magical" "Wizards of Waverly Place" reunion.
  4. Selena and The Weeknd are leaving fame behind and opening up a dude ranch.
  5. Selena and The Weeknd are scouting locations to launch their own music festival for summer 2018.

Listen, anything can happen. If these two didn't want us to speculate wildly, they wouldn't have left a delicious trail of Instagram breadcrumbs.

We'll crack this soon enough.