Ryan Reynolds On Second Daughter's Name: 'The Right One'


I'm not sure if there's a more adorable, and perfect, Hollywood couple than Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

Reynolds and Lively just welcomed their second daughter into this world, and in a recent interview, the 40-year-old Reynolds opened up about fatherhood and how he really feels about his second daughter's name.


As we all know, Reynolds and Lively named their first daughter James Reynolds. The almost 2-year-old now has a baby sister to look after, and Reynolds spoke about what it's like being a father of two young girls.

He said,

It's no secret that girls, particularly baby girls, have their daddies wrapped around their little fingers, and Ryan Reynolds is definitely not an exception to that rule.


Speaking on his daily interactions with his daughters, Reynolds said,

I hear you, Ryan! I'm not a daddy yet, but I can only imagine how much my future daughter is going to get away with. Lord, help me.


There's still one huge question everyone has for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: What's the name of your baby daughter?!?!

Well, Reynolds and Lively aren't ready to reveal the answer to that question, but Reynolds did open up about how he feels about his second daughter's name.

He said,

That's it? That's all you got for me, Ryan? Come on, man.

You and Blake Lively are absolutely perfect, of course you settled on the right name.

Ugh, looks like the wait continues to know baby Reynolds' name.

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