Ron Weasley Fooled Everyone By Pretending To Be Ed Sheeran In Hilarious Video


Rupert Grint, you tricky lil' buggah.

Unfortunately, there is only one Ed Sheeran. That's just how science works. Sure, cloning is a potential reality, but we just aren't there yet as a society.

And while most of the time this isn't really an issue, it has been a massive problem since "Divide" came out. That's a billion appearances Ed Sheeran could/should be making that he physically can't be at.

The obvious fix to this is to get a body double of some sort, and who better to body-double music's favorite hobbit than Ron Weasley himself?

I get that I'm mixing sci-fi universes here, bear with me on this.

The body double attempt took place at a studio in front of a bunch of fans who were hoping to catch of an episode of "TRL" (which I guess is a thing again) IRL. Rupert comes out with with Ed's signature "X" guitar and tattoo sleeves, mimicking the honorary male member of Taylor Swift's squad.

A few seconds into the bit, Rupert, emotionally wrestling with the lies he's presented to this trusting audience, reveals it wasn't Ed.

In fact, it was never Ed.

This obviously is not the first time Grint has been tied to Ed Sheeran, as they're essentially the same red headed British dude with slightly different skill sets.

They're like the Olsen twins if the Olsen twins weren't twins... and one of them was really into singing... and the other one still acted... OK, this isn't a great comparison.

Grint talked about how he was confused for Sheeran by a C-list celeb recently on "The Late Late Show With James Corden."

He explained to James Corden,

Do you know the singer Leo Sayer? He came up to me and said he loves my music, of course, thinking I was Ed.

Until I see the two of them in the same room, I refuse to believe they aren't the same person.

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