Rihanna's Snapchats Of Her Brunch Game Are So Strong, They Put All To Shame

It's a known fact weekends were made for boozy brunching.

Bring on the Nutella French toast, and keep the mimosas ROLLING all day long.

Karen Smith from “Mean Girls” once said, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

WELL, on Sundays, we brunch hardcore.

Our girl Rihanna knows what's up when it comes to weekend brunching.

The food she whipped up for her squad is all documented, and it looks absolutely delicious.

Thank the LAWD for Snapchat, because it's basically like we're having the ultimate brunching experience right with RiRi and her crew.

Yup, I'd have to agree, Rihanna def dropped the mic on the brunch game.

Sweet plantains, anyone? My mouth is seriously watering rn.

We have some toast in the works…

…and obviously, the most critical part of every brunch revolves around the mimosas.

Heck yeah, RiRi is getting the party started like a brunch BOSS.

YUM! Time to dig in…

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