People Are Pissed At Rihanna Over This Photo She Posted On Instagram

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN... from Rihanna's dank-ass memes.

Rihanna, the queen of savagery, is getting some internet hate from across the pond because she's been photoshopping Queen Elizabeth II's face onto her own body.

LMAO, GUYS. COME ON. This is hilarious. Like, this is objectively funny.


This is the definition of savage.

Rihanna posted the first meme on Saturday and posted the other four throughout the rest of the weekend, the most recent one being posted Monday morning.

They feature some of Rihanna's most iconic looks with Queen Elizabeth II's face, and honestly, she looks great! I think Lizzie would like these!

Rihanna made "#gucci" the caption here, but I think she meant to say "Shine bright like a diamond."

Don't worry, RiRi! I gotchu! Haha!

"Y'all chickens is ash and I'm lotion."


"It's not that deep."

She told you she was a savage.

"Haters will say it's photoshop."

LMAO, this last caption is my favorite one.

COME ON, ENGLAND. These are equal parts funny and amazing. And it's not the first time the queen has been made into a meme. This is the internet, people.

And based on the fact that the British monarch hasn't said anything about the pictures yet, I'm willing to bet she really doesn't care.

If Queen Elizabeth saw them, she probably laughed at them. Prince Harry DEFINITELY laughed at them. Charles is just perpetually bitter, so I imagine he doesn't laugh at anything.

But regardless of how the royal family might feel about the pictures, some of Rihanna's British fans aren't happy about them.


And the memes have apparently been all over the news across Europe.

But do you actually think Rihanna, the woman who wore THIS as a DAY LOOK...

... is going to care at all what people think about her dank-ass memes???? Nah.

But look, I get it. No one wants to see a leader they care about made fun of. But also, these are just funny and harmless, and no one's going to care about them in, like, 30 seconds, probably.

In the meantime, Rihanna's gonna continue not to care, because she's Rihanna.

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