Rihanna's Heart-Shaped Fur Coat Is Insane

If you were wondering how much Rihanna loves Drake, it's probably this much...


...What you can't see is me gesturing to how massive her heart-shaped fur coat is. I mean, this thing is kind of ridiculous.

As if the stuffed shark tattoo isn't enough, the 28-year-old star showed off how love-struck she was feeling during her stay in New York City for the launch of her Puma collaboration pop-up shops.

Rihanna sported a giant red heart-shaped fur coat as she pranced around the city streets feeding pigeons under the overcast skies at 7 am.

And no, I'm NOT kidding...

She was actually feeding pigeons while wearing a fur coat.

Just because it was 81 degrees in NYC doesn't mean RiRi can't flaunt a $15,500 Saint Laurent coat.

This is Rihanna we're talking about, people!

She does what she wants.

I will say, though. At first, I thought Rihanna was a giant, walking slice of New York pizza.

After feeding the birds, literally, Rihanna took some time out of her busy schedule to celebrate a birthday with celebrity photographer Miles Diggs.

Drake, however, was nowhere in sight.

I'd like to believe that Rihanna was whispering "I love pigeons more than I love you" in the photo below.


There has been no comment from Drake on how he feels about Rihanna giving a couple of NYC pigeons more attention than he's ever gotten from her. Just kidding, obviously.

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