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Rachel Lindsay's 'Bachelor' Clothes Are Being Sold For The Best Reason

If you've ever wanted to look just like Rachel Lindsay, today's your lucky day. Rachel Lindsay's Bachelor clothes are being sold by Lindsay herself, and she's doing it all for a great cause. She announced in an Instagram post on Tuesday, Aug. 15, that she will be selling all of the clothes she wore on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The whole premise of the ACLU fundraiser is that everyone has clothes that remind them of an ex. For this particular cause, that ex is Nick Viall — not Peter Kraus or Eric Bigger, two of the final three contestants on this season of The Bachelorette. So if you were thinking you'd be able to buy the dress Lindsay was wearing when she got engaged to Bryan Abasolo, I'm sorry to let you down, but that's not for sale. Lindsay said in her post,

Got cute clothes that remind you of an ex? I do. Today I'm selling clothes I wore on Nick's season (hello closure and new chapter!) on @thredUP, my favorite fashion resale website. Go to (link in bio) to shop my penguin onesie, white coat from his hometown visit and tons of other goodies from my closet. All proceeds benefit the ACLU, an organization that's important to me now more than ever.

The clothes in "Rachel's Closet" on ThredUP are organized by what she wore that particular outfit for (hometown date, receiving a rose, etc.) and each item comes with a small anecdote about the outfit written by Lindsay. This white duster, for example, was part of Lindsay's outfit when she took Viall to church on her hometown date.


Lindsay says of the duster,

I wore this white duster on my hometown date with Nick. I took him to church and I wanted to wear something cute and church-appropriate. Nick told me that I looked like a sexy nun so I am pretty sure I accomplished both!

This is all part of ThredUP's "Shop Her Closet" series, where famous women sell their barely used clothes for a good cause. Lindsay said in a statement,

I'm an advocate of spreading love not hate. I do think this season of The Bachelorette took a step forward, but it also highlighted that there are still close-minded people in the world. I'm thrilled that the clothing I'm selling on will support the ACLU, an organization close to my heart that fights against hate and ignorance.

All about this fundraiser, Lindsay. More of this, please.