Pharrell Reveals He Was Fired From McDonald's Three Different Times

Pharrell Williams may be one of the industry's hardest workers now, but as it turns out, he wasn't always so driven.

On Wednesday, the mogul sat down with “Late Night" host, Seth Meyers, and revealed before he made it big, he not only worked at McDonalds, but he got fired from McDonalds — three times (and from three different locations).

Williams admitted,

I was very lazy. At a certain point, they just realized I was no help. I was only good at eating the chicken nuggets.

That, and performing.

He also added,

I'd get caught up in the music, because they would always play music in the… I don't know what it's called. The dining area?

Ironically, years after his stint as a fry boy, Williams ended up cowriting “I'm Lovin' It” with Justin Timberlake, the song which later became the McDonald's signature jingle and slogan.

Reminiscing on his accomplishment he said,

I couldn't believe I got that opportunity. That was just a crazy thing, because I got fired from McDonalds.

Watch the clip, up top, to see the musician recall his glory days at ole Mickey D's.

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