Paris Jackson Calls Out Instagram Troll For Saying Kendall Jenner Is 'Plastic'

by Taylor Ortega

We're all super on board with Paris Jackson, right? Just checking, because I feel like she's our next queen but it's so early in the damn game.

Paris stepped back into the spotlight after years of childhood/puberty/life/etc. and has formed a fast friendship with fellow gorgeous human Kendall Jenner.

If a trip to the flea market wasn't enough of a sign these two are already inseparable, Paris' comment on a photo of the two together posted by Instagram user paris.updates proves their bond is tighter than those ponytails your mom used to make you wear until your migraines got so bad you had to leave school early (just me?).


A commenter suggested,

Paris is much more 'a natural beauty' and the beautiful 'girl nextdoor' Kendall is already like 'manufactored' she looks more like a fixed doll sooo… plastic

Not one to let social media pit one young, successful woman against another, Paris jumped on the fan account to defend her new bestie.

She wrote,

to my knowledge she hasn't gotten any procedures done so unless you know that for a fact i don't think it's very fair to call her plastic. she definitely has that total natural beauty going on. just my opinion.

Growing up with a famous father -- late pop icon Michael Jackson -- appears to have provided Paris with a level of even-tempered maturity most 18-year-olds are still striving to reach.

In Rolling Stone's January cover story, she opened up about the struggles that led her to spending part of her teens in a therapeutic school in Utah. Paris claimed her time there turned her into "a completely different person."

She said,

I was crazy. I was actually crazy. I was going through a lot of, like, teen angst. And I was also dealing with my depression and my anxiety without any help.

These days, Paris is back in the public eye and her first act is sticking up for her friends online in a respectful and non-confrontational manner.

You know, normal teen stuff.