One Direction Dedicated A Billboard Award To Zayn And Fans Went Crazy


During last night's Billboard Music Awards, Directioners everywhere collectively lost their sh*t when the band dedicated the Top Duo/Group Award win to former member Zayn Malik.

For the unfamiliar, Malik recently left the five-person boy band for personal reasons.

Soon after the controversial split, Malik and current member Louis Tomlinson publicly fought via Twitter, leading fans to believe Malik's departure from One Direction was not as amicable as they'd let on.

But last night, those fans were blessed with a glimmer of hope when Liam Payne confirmed that any beef between the five friends is ancient history. He said,

Though some of the other band members didn't seem too keen to share the win with Malik, fans everywhere took to social media to share their ridiculously overexcited reactions to Payne's kind gesture.

Here's the acceptance speech:

Some girls cried...


Others *almost* cried (they really actually cried).

Some just had a lot of emotions.


Not even Drake could stay calm.

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