Olivia Wilde's Breast Pump Rant Is The Most Relatable Mom Post Ever


Olivia Wilde isn't shy about her parental duties.

She's often posted pictures on her Instagram of breastfeeding her children, and even told People magazine it's the mom's right to choose how to take care of their little one.

The 32-year-old actress said it's different for everyone, and sometimes breastfeeding itself is difficult. She revealed,

I don't like the idea of breastfeeding being forced on anyone or anyone feeling guilty. [Breastfeeding] is not easy - it's messy. Like 90 percent of the time you are soaked in milk. It is a difficult thing. But it is, personally for me, a great experience.

That said, she does have some questions about this Amazon recommendation:


Wilde, who has two children with her partner Jason Sudeikis, wrote:

Real quick just wanna take a break from online (lazy-person) x-mas shopping to call bullshit on this ad for a breast-pump bra cuz this lady definitely did not recently birth a child who requires breastmilk to be pumped. Also want to give a quick cyber hug to this model who had to pretend to have recently birthed a milk-fed baby-child when she clearly has spent the last year lifting tiny weights and meditating. (Side note: why does Amazon insert breast-pump ads into every single goddamn search I make? I'm no longer in the market for more pump supplies Amazon! Shut it down!) PS. I own this bra and it's awesome.

Wilde has a pretty solid point. Why does Amazon continue to show us different brands of products we've already purchased?

Does the online giant think I'm trying to start a collection of curling irons? I only need one, Amazon!

In all seriousness though, shouldn't this product try to find a mom to demonstrate how a breast pump works?

You can almost see the model's eyes screaming, "Why am I doing this?"


Olivia son, Otis, is two-years-old, while her daughter, Daisy, is two-months old.

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