Olivia Culpo's Fall-Inspired Pizza Hack Is Delicious

Most people wouldn't believe this, but I'm not the biggest pizza fan.

To top it all off, everything about fall just kind of pisses me off. Loose leaves everywhere and pumpkin spice everything? No thanks...

But if Olivia Culpo is making pumpkin and bacon pizza, you'd at least have to try it. I mean, this is Olivia Culpo we're talking about here! Would she ever do you wrong?

The 24-year-old model and former Miss USA sat down with US Weekly at her Rhode Island home where she revealed the unusual, but tasty (probably) way she bridges the gap between the wonderful fall season and pizza.

In a recent interview with Olivia Culpo, the model told US Weekly,

I love fall. There are a lot of traditions I've been doing since I was a little girl growing up in New England: hay rides, pumpkin picking, baking with apples.

I had the brief chance to meet Olivia in Vegas earlier this year, but I never suspected she'd be a risk-taking chef in the kitchen! I mean, pumpkin and bacon pizza?! That could go either way -- but she makes it work.

Culpo spoke to the magazine about how her fall-inspired pizza creation came about, saying,

My mom has a pizza pan that's been in our family for four generations.

So, what exactly did she put in that pizza pan? Ingredients used to make pumpkin and bacon pizza include: a medium sugar pumpkin, whole-wheat pizza dough, garlic powder, mozzarella cheese, arugula and more.

Interested in trying this out this fall season? Get the full recipe here.

The pizza serves up to 8 people because, you know, "sharing is caring."

Oh, and if you're blown away by the fact that pumpkin can actually be used to make pizza, you need to try new things!

Back in September, an Instagram user and pizza lover named Anthony Rotio created his very own "pumpkin spice pizza."

If you needed any more evidence that pumpkins and pizza go hand-in-hand, there you have it thanks to Olivia Culpo and other pizza-eating pumpkin lovers!

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