North West And Mason Disick Holding Hands Will Totally Melt Your Heart

by Katie Corvino

North West is only 3 years old and already more perfect than I'll ever be.

I'm not ashamed, I don't care, really. It's not like I stay up late crying about it or anything, hahahaha FML.

Seriously, though, North West already looks like a model and she still wears Velcro sneakers. When I was her age, I looked like the female version of a Chucky doll.

North isn't the only adorable Kardashian child. The Disick kids are pretty freaking cute, especially Penelope. North and Penelope are BFFs, too, which makes their whole relationship even cuter.

According to Instagram, it looks like Penelope may have competition when it comes to being North's favorite cousin.

Kourtney Kardashian added the sweetest pic of Mason Disick and North West holding hands. THEIR FINGERS ARE INTERLOCKED. MY HEART IS MELTING.

This is the most beautiful moment in the world. Look at the sun shining. Look at the old people in the background with their faces blurred.

Kourtney and Kim, please let me babysit your children. I will do it for FREE (or just a new car and a couple of bucks!).

Really, though, hit me up. I need cash ASAP.

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