Nicki Minaj Has A List Of Texting Rules And Every Single One Is Amazing

by Anna Menta

If you ever have the opportunity to text Nicki Minaj, well, first of all, congratulations.  That's pretty damn cool.  But you also might want to think twice before you hit "send."

Because as it turns out, the queen of rap has some very specific requests when it comes to texting.

Early Tuesday morning, the 34-year-old rapper sent out the following tweet.

She wrote,

Ok if u ever text me a smiley face like this: :) I'll block u. How dare u be too lazy to find a cute emoji to make the convo look pretty?

I'll say this for Nicki: She's no hypocrite. True to her own words, she ended the tweet with a carefully selected, "pretty" anger face emoji.

But damn, that's kind of harsh! Clearly Nicki's never been in a situation where she had to text someone in a hurry but still wanted to soften the blow of such cursory communication with a :).

And this isn't the only texting rule Nicki has, either.

About a week ago, she tweeted about three other textual offenses she considers grounds for blockage.

So, in case you ever need to text Grammy-nominated artist Nicki Minaj, here are the rules.

1. Once again: Always use your phone's pre-programmed emojis. Never use the keyboard.

It's not clear what Nicki would do if you have Android emojis instead of iPhone emojis, but I can't imagine it would be good.

2. Don't text Nicki "OK" if she just texted you "OK."

To be honest, I agree with her on this one. Just let the conversation end, friend.

3. Never text Nicki multiple short texts in a row. Always send one long text.

A bit harsh, but it does make sense. Nicki is a busy woman. Show some respect and save her the notification horror story.

4. Never, EVER text Nicki "KK" instead of "OK." She will block you.

Nicki Minaj apparently does not believe in self expression through colloquialisms and thinks abbreviations are only for efficiency's sake. I would definitely be blocked immediately.

This is where Nicki is veering into unreasonable territory, in my opinion.

But hey, if you have the distinct honor of being able to text Nicki Minaj, you don't want to mess that up. Stick to the rulebook, kid, you'll be fine.