Nicki Minaj Can’t Figure Out How To Use Snapchat And The Internet Is Rallying For Her

by Lilli Petersen
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for TNT

Nicki Minaj can do it all — rap, throw shade, even call out bullying— but apparently, the one thing she can't do is Snapchat.

No, literally. The “No Frauds” singer joined Snapchat on Sunday, July 23, and boy, she seems to be having a rough time of it.

She started by posting to Instagram an image of the Snapchat logo and her new user name (nickiminaj, of course), with the caption, “Yo can y'all teach me how to use this? wtf I wanna show y'all how a bad btch posts her first snap but” with a series of dismayed emojis.

On Twitter, she posted the same image, with the caption, “Idk what to do. How do u post stuff? Wtf”

She apparently couldn't figure out how to make her profile public — if she even should — or how to figure out things like how many followers she had.

Girl, I get you. A new social media platform is rough. It's like, what can I delete? Can I edit this? And of course, the inevitable messing-up of privacy settings and accidentally sending something to your mom.

But her fans jumped in to help her.

The Instagram posts asking for help have more than 12,000 comments each, and each of her tweets have at least a couple thousand.

Though some...  had other priorities.

The whole thing was pretty hilarious, even aside from the weird surprise that there's a celebrity who's not, in fact, using every platform of social media available.

But the best moment by far was when she fudged her privacy settings, allowing people to spam her with calls and messages.

One enterprising soul even asked her to pay for their college tuition.

The whole thing went on over the course of four hours: four long, frustrating hours for Minaj (probably).

And then: it happened.


Good job, Nicki. And good luck with the eventual update that changes everything.