Porn Sites Bid $500,000 On Mischa Barton's Alleged Sex Tape


Mischa Barton is at it again.

Last we spoke about the 31-year-old "OC" star, she was hospitalized after screaming incoherent ramblings while hanging from a fence in the backyard of her West Hollywood home.

Video surfaced of the harrowing site Barton's neighbors were greeted with back in January, and it was reported Barton's odd behavior was allegedly a result of her being drugged with GHB, commonly referred to as the date rape drug.

Now, Mischa Barton's name is in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

According to, porn companies are currently bidding at least $500,000 for, wait for it, Mischa Barton's alleged sex tape!

In this alleged video, Barton is reportedly having sex with a man, and it appears it is very much the real deal.

A Hollywood sex-tape seller, Kevin Blatt, claims a third party propositioned him with Barton's alleged sex tape.

He told,

Does that seem like a ridiculously high amount to anyone else?

Blatt continued,

According to, the alleged sex tape is believed to have been shot in a Hollywood home within the last 12 months.

Apparently, Mischa Barton is wearing just a grey hoodie in the video, having sex with a dude in a black T-shirt.


It appears those closest to Barton are concerned for the 31-year-old's stability should this rumored sex tape come to light.

One source reportedly told,

Ugh, I really hope this sex tape is not the real deal.

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