Miranda Cosgrove Weighs In On The Drake And Josh Feud

by Billy Lorusso
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

OK, by now you should be well versed on the drama that transpired between Drake Bell and Josh Peck last week.


If not, here's a quick crash course: Josh Peck got married and didn't invite Drake Bell, Drake Bell subtweeted a bunch of passive aggressive things @Josh and then promptly deleted them because he's unaware that screenshots exist in 2017, then Josh Peck pretty much said the two aren't that great of friends.

Caught up? Good.

Well, while these two were starring in a media soap opera, we seemed to forget about someone very important (not just to this narrative, but to culture in general): Ms. Miranda T. Cosgrove (aka Megan).

That is... until people started spamming her Instagram with comments about Drake's lost wedding invite.


Seriously, people were super pissed Drake didn't get an invite, so pissed they attacked poor Miranda, who, herself, didn't even go to Josh's wedding.

Of course, being the national treasure she is, Miranda did not let the tension between her former onscreen brothers affect her relationship with either of them. Indeed, she seems to be on good terms with both Nickelodeon alums. (I mean, who wouldn't wanna be on good terms with the crown jewel of former Nickelodeon stars?)

John Parra/Getty Images

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Miranda expertly sidestepped a question about Drake's subtweets. Instead, she diplomatically responded with,

I'm just really happy for Josh. I hope he has a happy marriage.

Sounds like the polar opposite of her character Megan.

She went on to tell ET she only sees the two "once in a while," but she plans to celebrate Drake's birthday with him this later year.

Clearly, Miranda is not down with the BS. I guess that's just one more reason to appreciate the gift that is Ms. Cosgrove.