Miley Cyrus Wore Basically Nothing To Fashion Week Because She's Just Being Miley

by Adam Pliskin

It wouldn't be a day on God's green earth if Miley Cyrus didn't do something outrageous and then post visual proof of said outrageous activity to Instagram.

This past weekend, designer Alexander Wang held a secret Fashion Week after-party in Bushwick. Miley was there, wearing nothing but ice cream cone pasties on her chest. She was also seen twerking her heart out and smoking some reefer at the event.

The more I write about Miley, the more I desperately want to be her. Seriously, she does whatever the hell she wants. I want to wear ice cream cone pasties in public!

But, I digress. Make sure to check out the photos (and one video) of Miley's bold fashion choices below.

Photos Courtesy: Instagram